Autumn Term 2019 - 13 weeks
9 September - 13 December
​Half term 28 Oct - 1 Nov

Class Info:

The length of our classes is 45 minutes for Preschool Classes and 40 minutes for our Baby and Toddler. Autumn Term is 13 weeks, Spring Term 11 weeks and Summer Term 10 weeks. 


Our fees are £26 per class, to be paid termly in advance . Where siblings are enrolled within the same term, second and all subsequent children may be eligible for a sibling discount of 20 percent, when booked within the same order.


Trial and termly bookings are all taken online via Class4Kids. We strongly advise booking in advance as some classes are popular and sell out quickly. Class4Kids automatically pro-rates term fees when a child joins part way through a term, however, this is subject to availability. We are more than happy to discuss the classes further over the phone, or in person at a trial class.


A sibling discount is automatically applied to your invoice when you book your children within the same term within one booking via Class4Kids. The children do not have to be attending the same class to be eligible. All siblings over the age of 6 months attending a class together must be enrolled. Where possible, we suggest one adult attends per child. 

Trial Classes:

Each child is welcome to join us for one trial class subject to availability, at the single class rate of £26, which must be booked in advance via Class4Kids. For more information, email us  at:
​Please note, during term time we are only able to offer trials in classes with more than 2 places available.

​Adult Participation:

​Adult participation and interaction is a key part of our program, regardless of the age group. Studies have shown that music enhances cognitive, emotional and social development only when exposure is in the context of social interaction and active learning with a parent or adult.

What do you mean by active learning and social interaction and what is expected of me as an adult in a class?
By active learning, we mean that children and adults should engage and participate in the class together. If we're counting in, please count with us, if we're singing in a round, join in when you know the words, when we stand up to go marching or do actions, stand up, hold you child's hand and do the actions together. Tap in time on your baby or toddlers body to help them feel the pulse. Help your preschooler answer questions.

We want you both to enjoy the class!

Make up Classes:

A maximum of 2 classes may be made up over the course of a term, subject to availability and must be booked in advance by emailing us. If the appropriate classes are full at your regular location, it may be necessary to attend a make up class at a different location. Missed make up classes can not be rescheduled and no make up classes can be carried over to another term. 

Choosing a Class:

Baby Music Classes are tailored for babies from 6 months up. They allow children to move and explore as they are learning to sit, crawl and find their feet, all the while engaging with their parent or nanny and the music.

Toddler Music Classes have a minimum age requirement of 18 months by the first day of term, and children need to be walking confidently, unaided. These classes are designed to be active, to keep busy toddlers engaged, but require children to be seated during songs with instruments. 

Preschool Classes have a minimum age requirement of 2 years and 6 months by the first day of term. Best suited to children aged 3 to 4.5 years, children are expected to count and sing along.
In Preschool Plus Classes, we require children to be 3 years on or by the first day of term and to have completed a minimum of 2 terms of our Preschool classes. This class is best suited to children 3 to 4.5 years, who have worked their way up through our syllabus.

So how to choose?
Whilst we spend a fair amount of time seated in classes, we understand that little ones naturally want to explore. We ask parents and adults to actively participate with their child, and lead by example. If you are joining us for the first time, it can be helpful to start with a younger class to settle in to the structure and learn the songs. Some of the elements in the Pre-school Syllabus are quite tricky, even for adults, and the last thing we want is to cause frustration. We want our classes to be as enjoyable as possible for your little ones, and to give them a chance to take it all in, there is no rush to move on to the next class. Please do feel free to call or email with any questions regarding enrolment.

Our teachers are also always happy to discuss the right time for your child to move up to the next class. We will facilitate moves part way through a term if possible.

Terms of Booking
Children need to be enrolled for the term. Classes can be joined mid term. Prices shown will be pro-rata based on the number of sessions remaining for the term. By booking a class or term of classes, you agree that no content will be copied or reproduced in any way, and you, or the adult in attendance, retain full resposibility for your child for the duration of the class and your time at the location. No child is to be left unattended at any point, and teachers take no responsibility for any children who are. No refunds can be issued after the first week of term (or the first week of the booking).

Spring Term 2020 - 11 weeks
13 January - 3 April
​Half term 17-21 February

Summer Term 2020 - 10 weeks
27 April - 10 July
​Half term 25-29 May


Introducing your child to the joy of music.

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