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Our Classes

Join us on a musical journey

Our program has been specifically developed with each age group in mind

and is tailored to meet their developmental and emotional needs. 

The teaching is progressive with one set of classes leading on to the next, expanding a child's musical knowledge as they grow.  

Some of the concepts we teach can be tricky and so, if joining us for the first time,

it may be better to start in a beginner level class and progress upwards.

We are happy to advise you which class would be best suited to your child.

We want our classes to be as enjoyable as possible for both you and your children. We truly believe
that children learn best when their parents or carers learn with them and we actively encourage this.

Autumn Term 2023

11 September - 8 December

half term 16 - 27 October

Spring Term 2024

8 January - 22 March

half term 12-16 February


Preschool Plus

By invitation, assessed on ability.

Children learn to read music notation using fun, interactive games and we build on the skills learnt in the preschool classes - giving children the ability and the confidence

to begin playing instruments themselves.


Our focus here is on developing musicality - we clap rhythms, sing in rounds and introduce conducting - preparing children to learn an instrument.  These classes are best suited to children of 3 or above and ideally those who have completed the baby and toddler programme.

Toddler Music (From 18 months)



Our active programme for toddlers keeps everyone moving and engaged.  We focus on developing children's musical vocabulary and motor skills.  Adults are still involved, but children are encouraged to take the first steps towards independent learning. 


Baby Music (From 6 months)



These classes focus on direct engagement between adults, babies and live music, as studies show this interaction

helps develop neural pathways. 

Here, children have the freedom to move around and explore whilst being exposed to a variety of tones and sounds.

They're also introduced to instruments 

and musical terminology. 


Term Dates
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