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Introducing your child to the joy of music

Here at the Little London Music School we introduce children to the joy of music one beat at a time.

Developed for children from six months to five years, our curriculum is comprehensive, structured and stimulating. We have three classically trained musicians in each class and a maximum of twelve children, ensuring every child gets the attention they deserve.

We aim to foster a natural enjoyment of music in our students and lay strong foundations for those wishing to sing, play instruments, or even conduct in later life.  Of course, this is not just about music. Numerous studies show the benefits a musical background has when it comes to educational attainment in the primary school years and beyond.


Join the Little London Music School and open up a world of musical appreciation in your child.


We always receive a warm welcome at St Columba's church.  Classes are held in the light and airy upper hall or library which are located on the ground floor and there’s plenty of storage for buggys and scooters.

Notting Hill

St George’s church is the perfect location for our classes, which we hold in the community space on the ground floor. The room is easily accessible through the main entrance and has plenty of storage for buggys and scooters.


The Sands End Arts and Community Centre provides a serene backdrop for our classes in Fulham, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the park. Why not enjoy a coffee and snack before class at the attached cafe?


Here at The Little London Music School we provide the overture to your child’s musical education by
giving them the skills and fostering the desire to learn to play an instrument, as well as introducing them to
the wonderful world of music.  We teach scales, tempos, major and minor keys and even how to
read notes, but we do this in a fun, engaging and age appropriate way through nursery rhymes, the
playing of instruments and action songs.

What sets this music school apart is the quality of teaching. The lovely tutors in my class are
classically trained musicians and their interest and experience in early child education has really
impressed me.

Elenore, Knightsbrigde

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